Dye Sublimation

Adrenaline Printing has the latest Dye sublimation printers using 6 a colour process C,M,Y,K,LM,LC. Sublimation involves a specially modified ink jet printer with a special print head (normally Epson) and special dye sublimation inks.  Your image or design is printed with this modified printer and inks along with a special Rip program and or special ICC colour Profiles used to print the image onto a special type paper (Dye Sublimation Paper). The printed Transfer paper is placed face down on the item to be sublimated and pressed under high pressure and high temperature making the Dye Sublimation ink that was printed as an image on the transfer paper turn into gas and transfers into the item: Stubby Holder, Mouse Pad, Coffee Mug, Tile or Polyester T Shirt to give a picture perfect print. Once a product has been sublimated it can never be washed out and the print has no feel as the process changes the colour of the material permanently.

What is Dye Sublimation used for ?

Dye-sublimation printing process is primarily used to print on polyester or other synthetic fabrics. It is used for many applications such as Stubby Holders or Mouse Pads, T Shirts, and Coffee Mugs. These days it is alot in the printing of sporting apparel like rugby jumpers, swim wear etc. With alot of new materials being used in the textile industry such as micro dry polyester material for sporting clothing Dye sublimation is on of the only printing methods that works well on these garments allowing it to breath and  not be sticky. 

Most material that are to be Dye Sublimated and are full wrap are done so in a flat state so they can be heat pressed and then put together such as Stubby Holders and Full wrap Dye Sublimation shirts. These are printed before they are sewn together this allows a full wrap print over the whole garment as the image shows below. 

Coffee Mugs are different as there are ridged and the coffee mug heat press has a soft surface allowing it to fit tightly and push against the coffee mug, there for we can still get an almost full wrap print on coffee mugs minus the handle area but can cover over 90% of the coffee mugs external surface.