T Shirt Screen printing

T Shirt Screen Printing has been around for many years infact this is why allot of people call it silk screening as hundreds of years ago they used silk as their screen, where as modern technology allows us to use high quality very fin nylon meshing. Screen Printing is an art form. Here at Adrenaline T Shirt Screen Printing has been a passion of ours for many years. Although modern technology with Digital printing has come Screen printing is still a preferred method of printing for large number of Garments. Screen printing also allows us to print onto almost any fabric as we can use plastisol inks with special additives to allow it to stretch and do wonderful things. Although Screen printing is not recommended for small orders as it does have set up fees. 

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T Shirt Screen Printing Prices

Screen Printing of any sort is done by getting a image and splitting all the colours then a film is made for each colour of the print required, This is then developed onto a screen, so we end up with a screen for each and every colour in the image or logo. These are then placed onto a screen printing carousel and they are all registered and register until all colours will line up. Then each colour is laid in order to give the Image or logo it desired effect on the T shirt or Garment. The more shirt you print the less each colour ink lay costs. Screen printing is not recommended for orders under 30 pieces

Prices there fore are set by:

  • Amount of colour in the image
  • Number of screens that need to be made (screen set up fees apply per colour)
  • Number of Ink Lays for each and every colour it is an ink lay and screen printing is charged per ink lay per colour for each image or logo.
  • Number of garments to be screen printing the more you get printed the less it costs. 
  • Style of shirt and brand to decide to use (if purchased through us).

I would recommended for screen printing large orders so a single colour screen print onto t shirts and you want say 50 it is cheaper to screen print. If you had a 6 colour image to go onto 50 shirts then it would be cheaper to Digitally print.

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