Welcome to Adrenaline Printing workwear supply. Adrenaline Printing is well known for supplying high quality workwear for all industry types weather you need Hivis Polo shirts, Hivis cotton drill shirts, Jackets, work boots or chefs uniforms. We specialise in supply and embroidery of all workwear Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Newcastle and Port Stephens. We offer a high quality in-house digitising and embroidery service for all workwear supplied us at wholesale prices.  For a quote on work wear please  email us

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Chefs Uniforms and Accessories

Why is work wear important to every business?

Good promotional work wear is all about getting your business name recognised with your logo and information into the public domain. Over the past 7 years I have seen many variations of promotional clothing, uniforms and work wear from printed t-shirts, embroidered shirts and embroidered safety wear (HiVis uniforms). These all are reasonably inexpensive yet very effective methods of promoting or advertising your business. Keeping dressed the same with an embroidered or printed uniform can drive customers and get your products or service noticed in an ever competitive market. Promoting your business whilst keeping all your staff looking good and dressed the same is of course a financial commitment. It is therefore a great idea to have your brand name or logo on show at every opportunity at the same time keeping your staff dressed the same and feeling a part of the team.

These days safety and comfort is a big part in any business. All new work wear which has a particular purpose has been put through rigorous testing to meet Australian standards in the application they are designed for whilst keeping your staff comfortable and safe. HiVis work wear is a good example of this. All HiVis work wear has been designed to give maximum visibility at the same time offering high UV protection. The materials used are also designed to keep staff safe. Drill cotton materials have fire retardants in them and protect you and your staff from sparks and have a low flash point, whilst polyester materials have excellent perspiration ratings keeping you and your staff cool. It is important to choose the right garment for the application it is to be used for.

Investing in any workwear is small financial commitment compared to advertising on the like of radio or TV and last a lot longer keeping your business name on display every time it is worn. It is a good idea to have a simple and easy to read logo on your work wear. Complicated logos are harder to read and therefore can have less impact, where a simple logo with clear text that stands out works a lot better in advertising your business. We have lot of experience in workwear and uniforms and are available to help you choose the right uniforms or workwear to suit your business needs whilst keeping in mind your budget. We also can help you with logo design to give you maximum impact. 

Port Stephens Workwear and Embroidery